"The dancer’s body is the instrument by which they express the beauty of their art.  Of equal importance to the actual physical training, is the care and respect that dancers must practice in order to maintain and enhance this beautiful instrument.  When a dancer is groomed and dressed appropriately for a class or rehearsal, they portray professionalism and an intention to work productively."

All dance attire is only available through “Jump” the DANCE STORE from Sudbury. The store will be at our studio on Tuesday August 27th 2019, 11:00-5:00 for all your dance shoes/dresses.

  • Students are required to wear regulation dance attire.  All students are therefore dressed the same.
  • Students must be dressed appropriately to enter the class
  • No jewellery is permitted and hair should be securely tied back for every class.

You can also visit “Jump” in Sudbury to avoid waiting for shipment of shoes.  Just tell them our studio name and they can help you with all regulation dance attire for our studio.  1-888-566-1422
Pointe Shoes must be fitted in the store and not at the studio.  Call Jump for an appointment.



Paula Davey Dance School - New Liskeard

2018-2019 Recreational Requirements




How to Make a Bun
Girls in all classes must wear their hair in a neat and tidy classical bun so hair does not obscure the neckline or get in the students' eyes. The bun keeps hair from flying in a dancer's face; it also creates a clean, elegant line for the dancer. Follow these steps to make the perfect bun:

Materials List (all are available at most drug stores)
– Hairspray or hair gel
– Bobby pins and Elastics that is the same color as the hair
– Comb & brush (Fine tooth comb preferable)
– Hair net (Fine net with elastic edges. Should be same color as hair.)

1. To start the process, wet your hands and the hair with water. This will give you better control over the hair. Gather the hair and pull it back. Apply hair gel if you need more control over the hair.  Use a hairbrush to smooth out rough or uneven areas. Form a ponytail by brushing the hair up from the jaw line to the top part of the back of the head. This will form a high bun. The placement of the ponytail determines the placement of the bun. Mid and low buns are sometimes used with short hair.

2. Use an elastic hair band to secure the ponytail. A tidy ponytail with hair drawn snugly back is the key to making a good ballet bun.  Apply more water or gel to keep the hair neat, and twist the ponytail. Coil the ponytail into a tight circle.

3. Use hairpins all around the coil to secure it to the rest of the hair. Slide each pin through the outer part of the coil, then into the base of the bun.

4. Wrap a fine hair net around the bun. Keep twisting and wrapping so that the hair net tightly secures the bun. Add a few more pins.